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Gratitude spans generations for this family

Published 04/15/2024
Carla Davis with llama
Photo courtesy of Donna Gustafson

Carla’s is a truly extraordinary story of continuity and care within our walls.

From birth to adulthood, the lives of Carla and her family have been intricately woven into the fabric of South County Health. Born here, nurtured by our dedicated caregivers, and now continuing her healthcare journey as an adult patient, her story encapsulates the lifelong bond between our institution and the families we serve. Join us as we delve into this touching tale of resilience, gratitude, and the unwavering support that defines our commitment to patient-centered care.

My lifelong relationship with South County Health began when I was born there in 1961.

My mother’s extended family lived in the area, she had summered here, and she and my father moved here year-round in the late 1950s. Both of my parents were fortunate to enjoy excellent health, so it wasn’t until their later years that I came to appreciate all that South County Health provides for our community.

During the last period of their lives, we spent many hours-days-weeks at South County Health. We were treated with kindness, respect, and care, without exception.

Carla and family, 1998.

I have also been fortunate in regards to my health, but have spent time in South County Hospital for successful hernia surgery, to give birth, and, recently, I had a long overdue hip replacement, with life-changing positive results.

Every single time I find myself at South County Health, no matter the reason, I have a great conversation with a happy provider, and I always notice that everyone seems good at their job, and really enjoys it.

We are tremendously fortunate. I am very grateful for South County Health.


Gratitude comes in many forms.

At South County Health, we invite patients, visitors, and staff to say ‘Thank You’ for the care they’ve received.
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