• Dr. Andrew Neuhauser, OB/GYN

    Dr. Neuhauser started his medical career in the U.S. Navy after obtaining his medical degree from Georgetown University. Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, Dr. Neuhauser completed his residency at the U.S. Naval Hospital in San Diego. He is an adjunct professor in nursing at the University of Rhode Island.

  • Dr. Anne M. Hebert, Director of Pulmonary Rehab

    Meet Dr. Anne M. Hebert, Director of Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

  • Dr. David B. Burns, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery

    South County Hospital Orthopedics Center

  • Dr. David Bader, Cardiology

    Board Certified. Expertise: Preventive Cardiology, Clinical & Non-invasive Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Echocardiology

  • Dr. David S. Bader, FACC, Cardiac Rehabilitation

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

  • Dr. Gerald Colvin

    Dr. Colvin has received more than a dozen honors and awards over the years, including the American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award. He is board certified in hematology/oncology and internal medicine.